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2017 edition of Thunder's


NOTE FOR THE AIR SHOW: Due to the weather today, as it is severe, we will be NOT flying the official Air Show. The conditions are not deemed safe, the conditions do not warrant. The weather has closed in and will preclude the Air Show, therefor VIP Ticket price will be considered a tax-deductible contribution to the CCVF as an IRC 501(C)(3) organization. The FAA Airspace Permit and our performers commitments will, regrettably, not permit the rescheduling of the Air Show for another weekend.

MiG-17; Randy W. Ball

The infamous MIG-17F, nose number 1611, WILL BE JOINED by a second Mig-17; nose number 1613, and a third MiG-17 flown by Bill Culberson for the 2017 Air Show! ! ! This is the FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THIS AIR SHOW that there has been three of these war birds in view of our audience ! ! The direction of approach into the Flight Box, for any of these three airplances, is not known until the MiG is scorching its way over the lake! ! The sound and awe-inspiring maneuvers of these three agile fighters will be a real treat to our guests. Randy is the only holder of both a day and night unlimited aerobactic rating in jet fighters by the FAA! This applies to both military and civilian pilots ! ! ! Randy brings an unparalleled number of flight hours in the MiG and likes to show off the power and agility of this air-frame. Feel your bones shake when the afterburner lights up! This aircraft is a crowd favorite and a must see for any newcomer! Which way will they come from ? ? ?

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Wings of Blue; Canceled

The CCVF had the pleasure of being selected for the schedule of the Demonstration Team of the Wings of Blue. Unfortunately, and for reasons beyond our control, the Wings of Blue will not be able to perform for us this year. At this point in time, we will have airplanes open and close the Show ! ! ! !

Extra 300; Jacquie B

She launched into her solo aerobatic career at the age of 50! She flies the Extra 300 monoplane in Air Shows all over the States; we are very proud that we have her with us in our Air Show again this year! ! Jacquie will be part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Event at the Athens Municipal Airport at 9:15 AM on Saturday, July 1, 2017. The Extra 300 is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft and Jacquie Warda (the Jacquie B!) has over 2,800 flight hours under her belt to give us an awe-inspiring portion of the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


HU- 16; Grumman Albatross

This Albatross, named Zeus, is flown by Everything Albatross; piloted by Mike Bialka. It was developed as an open seas combat search and rescue recovery aircraft. The hull configuration is able to handle at least 4-foot seas. It was used In this years Air Show, Zeus will land on the water to pick up a downed flyer inside our Air Box; listen to those engines ROAR as they try to get off the water ! Keep your eyes open as there will be a surprise in store; TWO Albatross aircraft in the Box at the same time ! !


Nakajima B5N2 - Kate

This was the only torpedo-bomber of the Japanese Navy at the start of WW II. It had a history of out-performing the Allies torpedo-bomber unitl the Grumman Avenger! ! Even during the Battle lof Midway, the Kate was superior to the other carrier based torpedo-carrying plane of the United States. No actual Kate's are in existence; this plane is a replica built for the movie, Tora, Tora, Tora! It is based on a North American SNJ-4 with the tail section of a Vultee BT-13. The 600 horse power Pratt and Whitney engine gives it the performance profile of the original Kate! ! !


USMC B-25 PBJ; Beth Jenkins

The B-25 Mitchell Bomber was made famous on the daring 1942 Doolittle Raid on Tokyo which took place four months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This aircraft is flown by the first women to fly a bomber for the Commenorative Air Force, Beth Jenkins! The plane has been loveingly restored, and recently repainted; she is a real queen of the sky. This aircraft has been seen in the skies over Cedar Creek Lake before, during and after the Air Show. Talk with Beth or her crew to get a flight ! ! ! !


Air Force B-25J; Yellow Rose of Texas

The B-25 Mitchell Bomber rolled off the assemble line in 1943 and was in military service until 1956. The plane has also been loveingly restored, to include vintage nose art by Fernando Cortez. This unique nose art was to raise the moral of ground crews - someone worth fighting for! ! The two 1,700 horsepower radial cylinder engines consume 150 gallons of fuel per hour as they growl over over the water ! !


P-40 Warhawk; Mike Anderson

This fighter/bomber was the 3rd most numerous fighters of WW II. The top spped of over 300 miles per hour was a first for this generation of fighter aircraft. The extra weight of armor and fuel tank improvements was off set by the use of the 1360 hoursepower Allison V-1710 engine. With six 50-caliber wing guns and up to 1,500 pounds of bombs, this was a very flexible aircraft with a ceiling of 38,000-feet! ! This plane is a very welcome addition to the War Birds in Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


Douglas A-1 Skyraider; "Sandy"

The airplane was a work horse during the Viet Nam war, flying in close ground support for ground troops and, most importantly, air cover for extraction helicopters for downed airmen and wounded soldiers. As shown in this image, the aircraft could carry a load of ordinance greater than the 4-engined B-17! ! The Nick Name for this plance was the Flying Dump Truck because it could carry such a load and was not easily damaged by small arms fire. The irony of the use of this airplace for Air Cover was that it was a 1950's designed used in the Viet Nam War into the 1970's; fighting the secret war in Laos or attacking the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Viet Nam at night, the Skyraider again and again proved its fine close air support capabilities. There is a world-wide following for this airframe and we are proud to have them in Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Air Show! !


Cessna A-37 Dragon Fly; Eric Stroud

In 1962, the US Air Force’s Special Air Warfare Center decided to evaluate the T-37 trainer as a future Counter-Insurgency (COIN) light attack aircraft. The T-37 "Tweet" had been in continuous service with the US Air Force since 1957, and had amassed an excellent service-reliability history. The forward artillary spotter and close ground strikes by Combat Air Protection; with a range of over 1,100 miles, a 25,000 service ceiling, the addition of the larger engines, the aircraft was then equipped for combat with eight underwing hard-points and wingtip tanks. The Model 318E which, while based on the T-37, had significant differences; Its airframe was stressed for 6 Gs, the fuel load was increased to 507 US gallons plus 400 more gallons in four underwing auxiliary tanks, and it had air-refueling capability. It also had self-sealing fuel tanks, a tracking beacon system, and the ability to directionally track VHF and UHF signals. We are glad that Eric is back with us at Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


Cessna O-2; Skymaster

This is the military version of the civilian push-pull, twin engine aircraft used for reconnaissance and to direct both artillery fire and ground strikes by Combat Air Protection; with a range of over 1,300 miles, a 18,000 service ceiling and with 2 - 210 HP engines, this maneuverable and fleet footed airplane had a distinct advantage with clear observation both below and behind the airplane. With the addition of view panels in all the doors, flame-retardant foam in the wing-mounted fuel tanks and the military navigation and communication equipment, the performance of the aircraft was a great help to ground action. It is a great addition to the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


N2S-4 Stearman; Conrad Jett

This aircraft was used as a trainer by the Army and Air Force and is flown today by a B-52 pilot who enjoys the thrill of being in the air ! ! ! The power plant of the Continental R 670-5, 7 cylinder radial engine has a rating of 220 horse power. This is a time-tested and durable aircraft, available for single person rides, those over 12 years of age, by contacting [email protected] Our thanks to the Lone Star Wing of the Commemorative Air Force for having this aircraft in the skies over Cedar Creek Lake! !



cedar creek veterans foundation


The CCVF foundation has been established to raise monies to assist with the physical and emotional recovery and rehabilitation of wounded, injured and disabled military personnel and veterans with a focus on those individuals residing in and organizations serving the Northeast Texas region. The foundation’s principal fundraising activity is the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake air show presented during the July 4th Holiday weekend each year. The CCVF is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law..
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