Sponsorship Opportunities

You can build brand awareness and good will for your business by partnering with the Cedar Creek Veterans Foundation (CCVF) to sponsor the spectacular Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Air Show. Sponsorships, beginning as low as $250, are available at varying levels to allow individuals and companies to show their support. There is the opportunity for supporters to participate by Sponsoring an Act for the Air Show. We can even tailor a branded marketing package to meet your company’s goals

Annual events


JUNE 5TH, 2017

ccvf Golf Classic

The Golf Classic will be held at the Pinnacle Golf and Boat Club , Mabank, Texas. Participants may form 4-person Teams or they may play individually on this challenging course.
This year the Foundation honors Veterans who served in, or during, the longest war in United States history, Vietnam. Our Country’s goal was to stop the spread of communism, not by winning the war, but by bolstering the South Vietnamese government until they could take over. Our soldiers, their average age of twenty-one, spent about two-hundred and forty combat days per year in a harsh environment and with conflicting rules of engagement, with one in every ten killed in action. If we were to look into the time capsule of the turbulent 1960’s, we would begin the decade with a “New Frontier” outlined by our first Catholic President; promising to eliminate injustice and inequality. His assasination plunged the County into conflict. The Vietnam War divided our Nation, while on the battleground our troops fought in jungles against an often-unrecognizable enemy. The 60’s era legacy might read as a contradiction; empowerment and polarization, resentment and liberation – this “gray twilight” prejudicially greeting our troops upon their return from battle.
We are spotlighting three Veterans for their service but we would be remiss by not recognizing all those among us who answered our Country’s call to duty during the Vietnam era.
Participantion is open to the public and will include former military members and currently serving military members, honored guests. There will be a shot gun start, special entertainment and a lunch provided. Your support of this Classic will allow the CCVF to financially support our military veterans in their rehabilitation and recovery. For more information, please contact Gayle Robinson (903-451-5054 or [email protected]) or Elaine Bownes (903-451-3820 or [email protected])

The Fisher House | Hope for the Warriors | The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society | Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Veterans Foundation.

June 30th, 2017


The CCVF looks forward to again providing a great evening of Family Fun to be held on Friday, JUNE 30, 2017, before the 2017 Air Show! The Party will be held at the Club House, again! ! The crowds at previous Party's have had a chance to meet and talk with our male and female pilots! ! ! Greg Howell, the pilot of one of the MiG 17F's in the Show, will be available for pictures and discussions of his career in that aircraft and with Air Shows. The evening will include a viewing of a movie on the Air Show Performers and a briefing by the Shows Narrator on the exciting planes and acts that will be performing. This is a special family friendly event not to be missed!

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July 1st,

Thunder Over Cedar creek lake  Air show

THE BOATERS ANCHORED TO WATCH THE AIR SHOW ARE AGAIN ADVISED THAT THEY MUST STAY OUT OF THE FLIGHTBOX AS MARKED BY THE BIG RED BOUYS AND THE RED AND WHITE FLAGS! If there are violators of these MANDATORY safety limits, the FAA is WELL WITHIN their rights to immediately cancel the Air Show. We understand that it is more fun to be close to the action, but let us remember that SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST ! ! This is a unique Air Show being over water and there are requirements that must be met! ! Also, the knowledge of boating operating rules, and of common sense while on the water, seemed to be lacking in the past - when traveling in the crowded area, with boats at anchor in deep water, likely rough water; please slow that boat down ! ! ! ! The vintage aircraft thundering over the lake, the extreme aerobatic routines of our high-performance aircraft, the precision of the multi-plane flights, the vintage warriors of the sky and performances after the sun sets, have made this a unique Air Show! !


Listen to the commentary LIVE on KCKL (95.9FM) during the Air Show for all the details on pilots and the planes they fly. There is a continuous feed of information on Facebook and on Twitter to keep folks on the shore and on the water current with the acts performing.

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Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show FREE viewing from boats, local parks, and private property along both sides of the lake, as long as you know, and have permission from, the property owners.  There are VIP tickets available via charitable donation to the Cedar Creek Veterans Foundation (CCVF); the VIP seating is located on the private shores of Pinnacle Golf & Boat Club, between the tennis courts and the lake.  Tickets to the Air Show are required to enter Pinnacle Golf & Boat Club, unless resident or guest of resident. Please note that these is no vehicle parking on private property not in areas outlined by the Orange Warning Tape. Vehicles entering through the Guard House Gate MUST turn to the left to access the site.  


In event of weather conditions that prevent in part, or in its entirety, the Air Show to begin/continue for safety reasons,unfortunately no refunds will be able to be made. The VIP Ticket Price will be considered a tax-deductible contribution to the CCVF as an IRC 501(C)(3) organization. 

The particulars of the FAA Airspace Permit and our performers schedules will, regrettably, not permit the rescheduling of the Air Show for another weekend. As always, attendees will not be allowed to pass through, or be seated on, any private property unless the property owner(s) are present and have given their approval.

PLEASE NOTE-there are two newly constructed, large, private homes between the Club House Pool and the lake - these are on property with no access onto, or through, these parcels for Air Show viewing being allowed, either by Pinnacle residents, VIP Ticket Holders or guests of anyone.