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2017 edition of Thunder's


NOTE FOR THE AIR SHOW: Unless the weather is severe, we will be flying as much of the Air Show as is safe, prudent and possible. In the event that the weather closes in or that the conditions in the area preclude the Air Show, the VIP Ticket price will be considered a tax-deductible contribution to the CCVF as an IRC 501(C)(3) organization. The FAA Airspace Permit and our performers commitments will, regrettably, not permit the rescheduling of the Air Show for another weekend.

MiG-17; Randy W. Ball

The infamous MIG-17F, nose number 1611 WILL BE JOINED by a second Mig-17; nose number 1613 for the 2017 Air Show! The direction of approach into the Flight Box is not known until the MiG is scorching its way over the lake! ! The sound and awe-inspiring maneuvers will bea real treat again to our guests. Randy is the only holder of both a day and night unlimited aerobactic rating in jet fighters by the FAA! This applies to both military and civilian pilots ! ! ! Randy brings an unparalleled number of flight hours in the MiG and likes to show off the power and agility of this air-frame. Feel your bones shake when the afterburner lights up! This aircraft is a crowd favorite and a must see for any newcomer! Which way will they come from ? ? ?

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Wings of Blue; US Air Force Cadets

The CCVF has the pleasure of having members of the Demonstration Team of the Wings of Blue to kick off this years Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show! ! Jumpers will leave the Air Force Twin Otter and descend with smoke and, depending on weather and winds, a display of artitry in the sky! ! ! The jumpers will land in the Safe Landing Zone Area and may be able to watch the Show from the VIP Area. The Cadets have won National Medals for their proficiency! ! !

www.wingsofblue.com; https://m.facebook.com/USAFparachuteteam/


The AeroShell Aerobatic Team has been performing for over 25 years! Flying "The Pilot Maker", AT-6 Texan, that has been in service since 1938! ! Team Aeroshell uses these incredibly agile high performance planes to thrill audiences with their precision flying and acrobatic skill. After all, it was in the T-6 that young Flight School pilots cut their teeth in learning to become fighter plane drivers ! ! ! Many of those young pilots went on to fly such well known planes as the P-51 Mustang, the F4U Corsair and others. They will be performing in a special slot in this years Thunder ! ! ! .


USMC B-25 PBJ; Beth Jenkins

The B-25 Mitchell Bomber was made famous on the daring 1942 Doolittle Raid on Tokyo which took place four months after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. This aircraft is flown by the first women to fly a bomber for the Commenorative Air Force, Beth Jenkins! The plane has been loveingly restored, and recently repainted; she is a real queen of the sky. This aircraft has been seen in the skies over Cedar Creek Lake before, during and after the Air Show. Talk with Beth or her crew to get a flight ! ! ! !


Pitts Raptor; Stephen Covington

Stephen has been flying in a revised program to provide a thrilling show of brute horsepower, 400 hp Lycoming, from this aerobatic jewel of the skies! ! This is a unique aircraft, in performance and color! It is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft and will provide an awe-inspiring portion of the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


Extra 300; Jacquie B

She launched into her solo aerobatic career at the age of 50! She flies the Extra 300 monoplane in our Air Show again this year; this is a unique aircraft, in performance and color! It is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft and Jacquie Warda (the Jacquie B!) has over 2,800 flight hours under her belt to give us an awe-inspiring portion of the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Air Show ! ! !


HU- 16; Grumman Albatross

This Albatross, named Zeus, is flown by Everything Albatross; piloted by Mike Bialka. It was developed as an open seas combat search and rescue recovery aircraft. The hull configuration is able to handle at least 4-foot seas. It was used IN OUR 2015 Air Show to pick up a downed flyer inside our Air Box for the Show; listen to those motors as they try to get off the water ! Keep your eyes open as there may be a surprise in store! !